String Sextets


At 7.30pm

The Clayhanger Ensemble is drawn from local professional, semi-professional and good amateur musicians. They return to Wellhayes to perform string sextets covering 300 years from Gesualdo motets written in 1603 to Shoenberg's Verklarte Nacht composed in 1899 at the height of German Romanticism.

The Gesualdo motets will be the first performance of 4 motets from the second book of Sacrae Cantiones in six voices , since they were completed for public performance in 2013, and have been especially arranged for string sextet for this performance. They provide an historical context for Verklarte Nacht, which is one of Schoenberg's earliest important works, before he experimented with atonality, and which is performed in the original scoring for string sextet. This survey of works for string sextet finishes with what Sir Donald Tovey describes as "the most ethereal of Brahms' larger works".

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